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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Featured Etsyblogger of the Month -September

The featured Etsyblogger of the month is our amazing leader Joey and Aleethea! The work she does for our street team is phenomenal! She makes it so easy to be a part of this team! We wouldn't BE the EtsyBloggers we are without her!!

She's having a HUGE Sale Sept. 1st & 2nd with 20% OFF everything in her shop PLUS she's got 2 Giveaways going on too!

Here's the link to the Give aways!!

Link to give away button



Blog Carnival - In Summery

In summery"
This was one of my best summers! I have a new grand daughter and she is 11 months old. This summer my daughter, grand daughter and I went to Orlando, FL for vacation to visit one of my best friends! We had a blast! We made jewelry, stayed up all night laughing and talking, went to the water park, shopped, and got our nails done! We even bought rings that were alike (mine has turned colors though..LOL) It was an incredibly fun time! Below is a picture to show it!