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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jariah the cutie pie

Jariah is my BFF Tecia's baby girl! Tecia and my daughter were actually pregnant at the same time and their girls born a week apart! Who ever would have thought?! LOL! Jariah is such a sweetheart and I enjoyed spending time with her in Florida! She gives big hugs and has the most gorgeous smile! She absolutely adores her daddy and gamma! Kicks her mommy Tecia to the curb when they come around...LOL! She had a cold while I was there but she still kept making us smile!

Look at that smile!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Laid off for the first time ever!

Well I go on an incredible mini vacation and come to work that Wednesday to find out that I am being laid off! First time I have ever been laid off and it was not a good feeling! I felt numb at first and the next day as I started to "unthaw" I suppose, I felt a range of emotions! As a single parent of two young adults both living with me (one in college and the other a single parent), this is definitely a nervous time for me. I am the only one working right now because my daughter recently got laid off from her job. Geez Louise! When it rains it pours! Anyway, I have a few irons in the fire and pray as I know God will open the door he wants me to walk through! I am a strong believer that in all things God works for the good and that he will provide for me and my family!

To all the rest of you (sure that is 97% of us) who have either lost your jobs, had a family member to lose their jobs or are just struggling financially! Hang in there and know that "This Too Shall Pass!"

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My Favorite Holiday Tradition - Blog Carnival

Mom says "Ronda" I am going to make your favorite Icebox cake for Thanksgiving". Book aka "Toot" for you I am going to make your deviled eggs. Rodney I know you, Poncho (my uncle that lived with us) , Robbie and Janice love the macaroni and cheese". Not really sure what Sandra (the eldest of the bunch) likes. We all smile with excited anticipation about getting to eat our favorite holiday item! I cut up the onions because for some reason they don't make me cry so much and I have to peel the potatoes because I peel the fastest. Hmmm...I think I got tricked! LOL! My brother Rodney is a great cook and loves to help in the kitchen. Janice, Book and Robbie are the youngest so they just play around or watch!

We all do our parts and then go sit at the table for a round of monopoly. Why is it that Rodney seems to always win?! He always gets Board Walk and Park Place! He is so business savvy at such a young age! I am fighting to get the yellow and the red properties! We are all happy there is no school and we have the long weekend at home! The only thing we don't look forward to is having to dress up to sit at the Thanksgiving table! What in the world?! We all have to share something we are grateful for and eat with TWO forks! huh? LOL!

There is nothing like family and building relationships! The laughter, the fussing about who gets to sit where especially since in our blended family! There were 10 of us in a 4 bedroom house that was about 1200 square feet with ONE bathroom! WOW! When you are living it, you just do what you got to do, you don't think about the how! We had so much fun growing up!

Now that we are all adults some married, some single parents, some no kids, some never married and hey some divorced too, we still get together for Thanksgiving almost every year and yep we usually play MONOPOLY and YEP Rodney still usually wins! Of course it is usually just the kids since our parents broke up! Sometimes it is a little sad though because Robbie was killed in a car accident at 19 years old. We all miss him! He and Book were the closest since they were only 2 years apart.

But just the same...memories of the good ole' holiday traditions are still treasured in my heart! Laughing, loving, crying...sharing things we are grateful for! I think for me as I look back on those childhood gratitude was for the simplicity of family!

Happy Holidays!

Jewelry Making Fiesta

My friend Tecia is the one who actually peeked my interest in jewelry making. I watched her do it first and thought "no way I can do that". Not too long after that - I was HOOKED! So of course when I came to visit her I had to bring a suitcase FULL of jewelry making supplies! LOL! Tecia, Niyah (Tecia's daughter) and I made jewelry all afternoon and we had a blast!
PS - I wasn't smart enough to get them to take pics of me at work and FORGOT to take pics of my items! You will see them in my store soon though! LOL!

Niyah at work!

Great job Niyah!

BFF at work

Love this set-My fav! Great job BFF!

Another jewelry item made by Tecia! How cute!

Another peice from my BFF!

MY BFF did my hair for me!

So while I visited my friend Tecia, she did my hair! Trust me it was a mess! I love my new do! Thanks BFF!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Best Legal Drug EVER!

YESS! I am way behind on my blogging but I just had to share how awesome my BFF Tecia is. I went to visit her last week and I woke up on Friday morning to breakfast in bed! And of course I LOVE Coffee “the best legal drug ever”! I think we went through 3 small jars of coffee while I was there! Not to mention the three half-gallons of ice cream we ate between the two of us! She is soooo sweet! Whenever I go to visit her, I always feel taken care of and so encouraged! I even got her HOOKED on blogging while I was there! Check out her brand new blog! Tecia thanks for being the most awesome BFF ever! Love ya!

The Best Legal Drug Ever!