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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Zionna is ONE!

Being a grandmommy has been a most exciting experience! My how time does fly! My grand daughter Zionna turned one this past Sunday! She brings us so much joy! Her laugh, her puppy dog eyes! The way she says "hi" and "bye". She keeps us laughing and on the go! She turned one on October 5th and I tell you she has a loved little girl! She had about 15 people at her birthday celebration and she got more gifts than any one year old would know what to do with. More than that though she was surrounded by the people who love and adore her the most. Her grand parents on her dad's side, her parents, gammy (me), her God parents, aunties, baby sitter and a host of other friends and family. Her grandmother made her TWO cakes and might I add they were both DELICIOUS! LOL!

I thank God daily for the joy she brings to our lives! I love you Zi!