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Friday, January 30, 2009

Featured Bonanzle Seller - Sofyblu2

Where did you sell before you started selling on Bonanzle? How did you find out about Bonanzle?

Bonanzle seller Sofyblu2 was a Power Seller on Ebay for some years. As the “handwriting” showed on the wall in the last 1 1/2 yrs they started looking around at alternatives. None of them grabbed them in the least. Then they saw Bonanzle mentioned in an Auctiva article sometime around June/July. On Aug 27th , Sofyblu2 opened their Bonanzle booth #1627!

What has your experience on Bonanzle been like?

The ride from the beginning was fun and nutz at times always something new changing or being tweaked. When we were “small” the “quarrels” LOL then were the best ways and means to promote Bonanzle. Thru September/October it was a push to get new sellers. October/November it was the push to get new customers. The oldies here, we would scan anything and everything looking for new places to drop the Bonanzle name. Then as a means (I believe) of not overly repeating ourselves the BAC was formed to hit the dirt with a new assignment each week to promote the site.

How many sales has Sofyblu2 made on Bonanzle?

Since Aug. we have sold 50 items. Now many of the “high” sellers seem to have less expensive items therefore their turnover is much faster. Our stuff is on the higher end but not the highest LOL Probably 3/4’s of those sales were to “outsiders” and they were for multiple items, many in the hundreds of dollars. Currently we are a bit stalled as sofyblu2 desperately needs more inventory added but we are trying to finish up sofy’s choice.

We are all looking for good marketing advice. What’s the best tip or trick you can share with us?

The best advice…mmmm.. google feed and google checkout. They help to boost your ranking in the google pages as well as the “master list” of places to promote.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Melissa's Got Blog Candy!

My Etsybloggers team member Storybeader shared this contest so I am joining in! Melissa has some Blog Candy! Check it out HERE

Featured Seller "Stuff" from Bonanzle

Stuff is an amazingly encouraging seller on Bonanzle. She befriended me the moment I opened my Unique Commodities booth on Bonanzle!

Stuff has been selling mostly vintage costume jewelry (along with other small antiques and collectibles) for over 20 years. Before her trek to Bonanzle, Stuff was a Power Seller on Ebay. As things started getting really crazy in 08 and sales on Ebay dropped tremendously discussions ensued of alternate selling options.

Amazon, eCrater, BluJay, Bonanzle and many others were all discussed. Amazon was the alternate of choice for those sellers with new items but for unique items without product IDs it was not the best fit. Stuff gave eCrater and BluJay a run but the traffic and sales there did not seem to be happening (at least not at the moment).

Then, someone mentioned that Bonanzle was taking off, they were seeing sales there, that the uploads to Google were easy to set up because of the almost idiot-proof instructions provided. Well, that was not rocket science so Stuff figured it was a no-brainer and jumpstarted her Bonanzle Booth on December 27, 2008.

Stuff said she was registered, had her personal info input, Google feed set up and several items listed in less than 30 minutes! And that was doing the listings one at a time.

After seeing that she then went to the boards and asked a question or two, read the posts there and saw how much fun everyone was having. Suddenly, her attitude was changed completely. She was no longer feeling the stress of being fearful each time a question was asked, each time someone contacted her just to say hello. It was a different atmosphere completely. The fun of selling on line was back – with a vengeance!


The best trick that I’ve learned about marketing in general during the time that I’ve been selling both at antique and collectibles markets and online is to buy fewer, more desirable and higher quality items for resale. If you only have $20.00 to spend, one $20.00 item is probably going to be more apt to sell more quickly for a higher return than 20 $1.00 items will.

More importantly, you only have to inventory, photograph, list, sell and package one item. Time is money!

Let me reiterate that it has always been my experience that the higher dollar items are actually easier to sell than the low dollar, perhaps less desirable items when it comes to antiques, collectibles and jewelry. This may not be the case for all areas of antiques and collectibles but in my area it has been very true.

For example: There are a lot more people looking for a wide, rare colors of heavily carved, Bow-Tie or Random dot Bakelite bangle bracelets than there are those looking for a $24.00 spacer.

So, rather than buying 20 spacers for $10.00 each, if I spend $200.00 on a hard-to-find Bakelite bracelet, the return on that investment is going to be far better and most likely, a whole lot faster. Same thing with hard-to-find designers. Chanel, Dior, older, Patented design Trifari, Phrygian cap mark Boucher and rare Reja items are almost always going to sell faster for a high price than a very common piece of Coro, Judy Lee or unsigned rhinestone piece or set priced at under $25.00.

Jan. 27th was Stuff’s one month anniversary on Bonanzle and she has already sold 8 items through 7 transactions here. There is absolutely no doubt in her mind that this is THE RIGHT PLACE TO BE for small individual sellers of unique items.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crobbies Featured Seller - Front Page News

WOW! So I get this email in my yahoo inbox! I am Crobbies front page featured seller! First time ever on anyone's front page!


Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Zionna doing much better

I shared with you guys a couple of weeks ago that my grand baby Zionna had Pneumonia and a double ear infection! Well with her Nebulizer treatments and antibiotics, she is well on her way to a full recovery. She still has the double ear infection, partly because she had an allergic reaction to the Amoxicillan they had her on. They have since given her a new antibiotic and she is much better. She is a trooper and whenever she gets her breathing treatments, she sits quietly and does really well!

Monday, January 26, 2009

And they closed school FOR THIS?!?!?

Snow in Columbia, SC! What a joke!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Word of God Speak - Mercy Me

This song was Sung during our Worship service today and it greatly touched my spirit so thought I would share!

Here are the words in case you want to sing along!

I'm finding myself at a loss for words
And the funny thing is it's okay
The last thing I need is to be heard
But to hear what You would say

Word of God speak
Would You pour down like rain
Washing my eyes to see
Your majesty
To be still and know
That You're in this place
Please let me stay and rest
In Your holiness
Word of God speak

I'm finding myself in the midst of You
Beyond the music, beyond the noise
All that I need is to be with You
And in the quiet hear Your voice


I'm finding myself at a loss for words
And the funny thing is it's okay