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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bonanzle Featured Earrings!

I am loving all the exposure I am getting on the two new venues I joined thanks to all the research provided by Roseworksjewelry and Tiltcreations!

I logged on tonight and Miss Jones Booth had me featured on her handpicked Limes list! So exciting!


Anonymous said...

well I think your readers will agree your earrings will go great with the corsette.....the family atmosphere here is amazing the list I featured your earrings on was to honor a seller who has helped many a newbi as they get started is all a what comes around goes around atmosphere and if you havent experienced this you need to come to the BONZ immediatly....

TiLT said...

awesome UC! You are being loved !everywhere

Nicole said...

Hi there!
I just got your comment about EntreCard on my blog!
I don't think I have ever dropped 300 in one day. The most I have ever hit was probably 180.
One tip though! I saw you have several blogs, you should put an EC widget on each of them. This will maximize the number of drops on you. You can choose to drop with any one of the cards on other blogs.
Good luck, and have fun!

Rose Works Jewelry said...