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Friday, January 9, 2009

Organize what? Blog Carnival

Well I saw the blog carnival I decided to share about how I am organizing my business for paying taxes? I laughed when I saw the subject because I am so horrible with organizing my business stuff. Did you say ORGANIZE? Receipts and paper trails scattered. Is that considered as organized! Oh Boy! Every year I say I have got to do better and actually I do. I don't make enough money to pay a CPA or any other resource I would have to pay to organize anything. This business is still at the beginning stages for me and since the economy is horrible I am confident I had a loss this year. So for me, I do my own organizing like on April 14th (yes I usually file an extension). I gather all of my stuff, put it in a spreadsheet and PRAY I didn't miss anything! Then I give it to my Tax guy to file it for me ( he charges me a nominal fee).

Disclaimer: If a tax auditor is reading or reviewing this data note that all information in this blog is for entertainment purposes only! LOL!


TiLT said...

Our systems are not much different...only I have so few sales, it it is a teeny tiny little pile :P

Love your disclaimer by the way :)

BeadedTail said...

Okay, this CPA got much stress reading this but actually a lot of businesses use your method. Okay, off to take a Tums!

Anonymous said...

Great blog carnival, though I am sorry to see it made Sharla B-line for the Tums! LOL

You left a comment on my blog today asking if I purchased the necklace on Etsy...actually, I made the necklace and bracelet and they just sold. That is why I made the post and put SOLD at the bottom under the 2nd picture...

I have been on cloud 11 all day! This is by far my largest priced sale and likely beats out my total sales for my entire 1st year on etsy.



storybeader said...

So what the difference between a tax auditor and a CPA? I would just go crazy, leaving everything for the last moment! I didn't make a profit this year with my business either...don't know if I ever will!