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Monday, November 3, 2008

She melts my heart

With those puppy dog eyes and warm smile, she melts my heart. Being a mom is an amazing thing but being a grandmommy...oh that beats all. I don't think there is any way to effectively describe it! Having my daughter and grand daughter live with me is a blessing. When they move,I will be a sad Grammy!

See why she gets whatever she wants? Look at those eyes!

Posing for the camera already!

I see you Grandmommy!


agoodwitchtoo said...

What a cutie! I'd give her everything she wanted too ;)

Anonymous said...

Poor child, nobody to love the puddin out her!...LOL

She is so adorable, and yes those big, dark eyes would melt my heart to give her anything too.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

So adorable!

Vickie said...

She is so sweet! Those big eyes! There is no way anyone could resist!

TNT2008 said...

Impossible to resist that cutie!

storybeader said...

what a cutey! I was never a mom, and now I can see why my friends were so excited when they had children...