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Saturday, November 8, 2008

YIPPEE! The price of gas is dropping

I tell you the price of REGULAR UNLEADED gas being at $3.99 a gallon was CRAZY! I remember when regular gas was .89 a gallon! Long gone those days! But I will say I was most excited today to find Regular Unleaded gas here in Columbia, SC at 1.98 a gallon! I thought finally some relief and sure hope it is not temporary!


Anonymous said...

WHERE do you live? We were noticed one place at $2.29 per gallon today!


storybeader said...

Lawton, Oklahoma is down the $1.93 !

BeadedTail said...

I bought gas today for $2.35 but Oregon is always one of the highest in the country. But, we have a state law that we cannot pump our own gas - seriously! I love, love, love having only full service stations!

palleikodesigns said...

Oh I know! We were up over $4 for a while so when I paid $2.55 the other day I almost fell over.

Vickie said...

We are still at $2.09 in Indiana where we live, but just about 12 miles west of us it is $1.98! YAY!!!