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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ain't It Awful?

Now who says that? You guessed it! The keep you laughing Block Head Radio Show co-host A Good Witch Too! Love her to pieces! The show on Monday night was awesome! Those two hours went by so very fast! We got to hear from Linda of LDPhotography but as we tend to do, she shared far more about her passion of working with children with ADHD than her beautiful photography! We all learned a lot. How does she find time to do it all? Someone in the chat room kept typing “Butt Bubbles” (was that you Tilt?) so poor Rod had to keep playing that horrid sound – LOL!
We sang Happy Birthday with the most hilarious song to A Sew Happy Designs and acknowledged Roseworks Jewelry and Unique Commodities birthday! Uhh does anybody remember what Sew Happy reported about - LOL? I was too busy goofing off in the chat rooms (sorry Sew Happy)! Tulip’s Treasure Box won the Fast fingers shout out! Woot to TulipT! Fluttering Designs won the week’s give away (a gorgeous ornament) provided by The Magic Sleigh.

Be sure to join the new group on Yahoo started by Block Head Radio! It will be a great way to market/socialize with fellow artisans and the awesome Huckleberry Arts is running the site!

All in all it was a phenomenal show and if you haven’t joined yet then you are missing out on the most exciting radio show in the history of radio shows!


agoodwitchtoo said...

Ain't it awful??? LOL! Gotta love the soundboard :)

It's always great having you at the show. Makes me feel more comfortable having my Etsyblogger family around!

Thanks for featuring my soap! You ROCK!

Rod G said...

but the butt bubbles aren't my fault.........ty

TiLT said...

he says they aren't his fault...but (butt - ha!) anyway...he is probably right - we egg him on...but it's soooo fun!
He has taught you well btw - nice plugs ;P thanks :)

Pamela said...

Sorry I missed the show Monday - was out with some friends = sounds like I missed a good one! Well I can definitely hear those butt bubbles resounding in my ears!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

lol, Isnt it awful between running with scissors,Jumping on the bed, and then the butt bubbles, and the doggy that ate soap lol .....

Love having the charities mentioned, and the artist that surrounds us Sure Starts the week out great!!


PS Hey everyone Come join us at Yahoo Groups!!

~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

What! You didn't listen to the number ONE fan roving reporter's report? Ain't it awful! GO back and play it again, Sam. I did 'cause I wanted to hear that crazy birthday song again!!
Woots to birthdays!

Anonymous said...

Catching on like wildfire!

Love the butt bubbles...hey who was it thats child licked their leg after she used the body scrub?

I agree w/AGWT, the etsyBloggers family ROCKS their support and warm fuzzies when we gather round.

Merry Christmas

SpottedCow said...

WOOT! Ain't it awful?!?!???

And Lily - it was Tote N Tot's child that licked her legs after she applied the whipped shea butter that I sent her as a tester.