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Friday, December 5, 2008

Pluggers United Team - Come Join us

Block Head Rod and group have gone and done it again! They have figured out just one more way to promote and encourage Artisans helping other Artisans! We are starting a new Etsy team called Pluggers United team. Pluggers United is all about Artisan’s supporting other Artisan’s! Membership is easy. Just go to the team Yahoo group.

In the group you can share ideas, links, sales, etc. This group is open to everybody that sells on Etsy. It will be a friendly group and moderators will see to that. Being a part of the Yahoo group is a requirement for joining the team. We discuss ways to promote, what the market is doing, shameless plugs, blogging, cross promotions, and more.

What will Pluggers United do as a team?

  • Monthly radio show for just the team.
  • Sharing ideas on promotions.
  • Team sales
  • Charity work
  • Sell another team members listing :) Yep, you will try and get a sale for another team member.
  • As a team member you must do 1 blog post, if you have a blog, about another team member and post it in the Yahoo Group with a link. Just think about it - If each one reaches one, just imagine how many sales we all can have. It is all about paying it forward.
As a team we will work together to add to this list. Come join our exciting new team!

PS.. Check out my new blog Random Musings


blockhead radio said...

You ROCK Unique.....

Anonymous said...

Exactly what Rod said... but in bigger letters and with a WOOT!